goes offline after suffering DDoS attack goes offline after suffering DDoS attack was hit by a DDoS attack in July after hackers demanded a Bitcoin ransom., one of the first websites about Bitcoin (BTC), has been hacked by online scammers and as of this writing.

Cobra, an anonymous curator of, announced on September 23 that a compromise had been reached with, with hackers arranging to post a notice of fraud on the site.

" seems to have been hacked and the whole site turned into a scam asking for free bitcoin. Don't send funds to this address," Bitcoin developer Matt Corloe reported on Twitter.

Following Corlo's inquiry, Nam Cheap temporarily disabled the website. According to Cobra, the website may be "down for a few days."

Before went offline, users reported that was showing a Classic counterfeit gift announcement, with scammers allegedly managing to deposit about 17 17,000 at their address.

After deactivating the website, Cobra suggested that hackers exploited an error in DNS, saying that's cloud flare accounts and servers were not compromised.

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The latest attack came after was hit by a DDoS attack in early July, with Bitcoin demanding an unknown ransom. The attack came just a week after a British court ordered the website to stop hosting the Bitcoin White Paper, which ruled in favor of self-made Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin SV proposal Craig Wright.
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