Cardano is Partnering With American Telecom Service DISH Network

Cardano is Partnering With American Telecom Service DISH Network

In the midst of the ongoing Cardano Summit 2021, IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson announced a partnership between Cardano and the DISH network, the Fortune-500 American television satellite provider.

The strategic partnership aims to introduce Cardano's blockchain technology to DISH's telecom services, which could increase Cardano's adoption and benefit DISH customers with 8 million digital identities (DIDs) on phone satellites.

DISH and Cardano

Speaking at the Cardano Summit 2021, Hoskinson said that although the basic idea was to create a network where customers could move from one place to another without hindrance, the core business infrastructure remained "ossified".

"We understand that there is a huge intersection between the ability to exchange data and other things that can be done and explored in the use of identity.
And it can be done on a scale of millions to tens of millions, and ultimately globally. So, this is a very interesting relationship that we can't wait to see how it goes." Hoskinson said. 

The IOHK founder added that he hopes the partnership will transform the entire model of the telecom industry, despite the challenges of implementing blockchain technology in the field.

According to him, millions of DISH users will have network connectivity with Cardano without the influence of central corporations. If successful, it could become the default business model for the telecom space.

DISH is one of the largest telecom services, with over 19 million subscribers, giving customers complete control over every aspect of their accounts. The company is one of the first public companies to accept cryptocurrency payments and is listed as a Fortune-500 company.

ADA Remains Green in a Red Market

This and other positive news are pushing the ADA price higher despite the recent downturn around recycled Chinese FUDs. As Crypto Potato reported earlier today, Cardano remained green on Friday, while the reverse coin market shed blood.

According to CoinGecko, as of press time, ADA is trading at 2.32, with a market cap of 75 75.5 billion. ADA is now the third-largest cryptocurrency after BTC and ETH.
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