Top 10 Easy Ways to Make Money On Instagram

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Want to know how to monetize Instagram? In this post, we are going to share the top 10 easy ways to make money on Instagram. You will find some easy ways and resources to earn from your Instagram followers.

Instagram is a force in the world of marketing. With a user base of 700 million users, it has become a popular platform for sharing photos. It's easy and accessible that most images are of the highest quality.

However, this is not the case with Instagram.

As a marketer, you will be happy to know that you can make money on Instagram. In fact, you'll be earning [10,000 [even more] a month with this visual social platform, Instagram.

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Here, we share with you the top 10 easy ways to make money on Instagram and how to make money from Instagram.

10 Easy Ways to Make Money On Instagram

1: Sell your Photos
2: Selling Your Artwork
3: Expand your Real Estate Business
4: Offer a Paid Service
5: Shoutouts: Instagram Money Making Tactic
6: Advertise Products for Companies
7: Promote Your Products, Services, or Business
8: Create Sponsored Posts
9: Sell Affiliate Products to Monetize Instagram
10: Sell your own Merchandise

1: Sell your Photos

This strategy depends on your photography skills. If you are an amateur photographer, don't expect to earn thousands of dollars (every month).

Here, you need to understand the needs of the brands where you will sell your images. We will share with you some tips regarding photography which will be very useful for you from a marketer's point of view.
  • Brands value authenticity: On the Instagram platform, real-world images are respectable. Most businesses prefer images that are in social settings.
  • Forget square format: We suggest you click images in landscape/portrait format. They give you more detail as well as an artistic playground. You can also go horizontally. So far, you can post photos and videos on Instagram with an aspect ratio of between 1.91: 1 and 4: 5.
  • Take advantage of white borders: By using white borders, you can control how your images look in feeds. However, you should know that the Instagram algorithm displays the thumbnails of your photos as center crippled squares.
  • Experience with flat leasing: Laying flats can help you promote personal brands and show that you are a professional. Here, you photograph a variety of items that are styled together on a flat surface. What's more, it's taken from a bird's eye view.
Overall, you need to take pictures to make them visually appealing. You need to show your creativity to your potential customers in a very attractive way. This will put you ahead of other photographers.

On Instagram, you can promote your photography for free using relevant hashtags. Users are craving visual content and want to provide social validation to your images. When you post, you get instant feedback in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

So, Instagram has become your daily journal. The platform can be used to communicate directly with your potential customers. Well, you can send a direct message [DM] to any user on Instagram. Plus, on Instagram, you get unparalleled access to influential people. You can even offer your pricing to brands as a DM.

So, Instagram proved to be a great platform to showcase your photography. It allows you to advertise and sell your photos to individuals as well as agencies. You can add watermarks to your photos and summarize all sales details.

However, make sure you have an active presence on Instagram. You need to make sure that the right kind of accounts is following you. In addition, you need to use appropriate hashtags to draw people to your photos. You can get conversions with influential photography agencies.

There are also markets where you can put your Instagram photos up for sale, such as:
  • Twenty20
  • Community Foap
  • Lobster.Media
  • Snapwire
  • 500px

2: Selling Your Artwork

You can create and sell art on Instagram. This is an interesting way to make money on Instagram. However, you need to be creative with your account. It all starts with the course material. For example, you can post your work.

Most importantly, you need to be interesting to succeed. You can even connect with some inspiring people. You can send them something for free. Your main goal should be to present your work from an interesting point of view. You guys should talk about it.

Finally, we briefly list the three most important ways to make money on Instagram.

Help others with your skills and grow your account. Do this until you are known for capturing brand deals and promoting things to your audience.

You can grow your existing business with the help of Instagram. You can run a local coffee shop or even a drop shipping e-commerce business. Stay active on Instagram and keep people happy. This is the best way to make money on Instagram.

You can use some Instagram-related strategies like selling photos, making noise, and starting an engagement group are some of the things you can do to make money on Instagram.

If there are any other ways you think it's possible to make money on Instagram, then leave a comment for everyone, and let's continue the discussion.

Well, for now, we have for you in this post about how to make money on Instagram. We hope you find this post about making money on Instagram very useful. Thank you for your visit. Please share the post on social network channels.

3: Expand your Real Estate Business

Real estate is a very large space with a lot of potentials to earn. Because real estate requires a lot of photos, Instagram can be a great place to find new customers, close deals, and network with industry peers.

For example, you can promote your short-term fares. You can create a separate account for this listing. Someone can even promote it in your feed. You should also create different quality posts about your listing.

So, you can make money from your real estate on Instagram.

4: Offer a Paid Service

When you have a large following on Instagram, it indicates that you have access to a skill or resource that is of interest to other users. This does not necessarily mean that you have physical products. On the other hand, it basically means that you have a talent that you can present in the form of service. For example, it can teach dance lessons.

This can be done in several ways, such as:
  • You can add a link to your bio that takes users to your website that describes the length of your services.
  • You can add your skills to your bio and say that you accept the job offer. Suggest a way for consumers to contact you professionally.
  • You can offer your services for a limited time at low prices.
  • One can set up professional networks with other users who offer similar services for exchanging suggestions, leads, etc.
  • You can use your posts, photos, and videos to promote your skills. You can become a photographer, dancer, artist, or any other skill.

5: Shoutouts: Instagram Money Making Tactic

People and brands can pay you when you promote their accounts. In general, this is how it takes shape. Someone makes a DM and asks you to make a noise. In turn, you can approach someone and ask if they are interested in making noise.

Some inspirers also call this collaboration.

It actually depends on your niche, but you can ask for about $ 100 to make a noise on your feed. However, you need to follow a real one as well as about 50k +. People will look at your engagement critically.

If you have some fake followers then be transparent about it and make noise for less money. Remember that people appreciate you when you deliver more, not more. This will allow them to do more business with you in the future. They can even send it to other accounts.

6: Advertise Products for Companies

As a social media inspiration, you can sell sponsored products on your Instagram page. This means that companies will pay you to post anything related to their products or services.

You can do these posts for different companies in a short time. You can even associate your brand with certain companies and post on their behalf regularly. Here's how sponsored posts work:

You can share your personal experience with your fans on your posts about the company's products.
Someone can repost company posts on your page.
You can share photos of yourself with the company's products and tag this company in the photos.

7: Promote Your Products, Services, or Business

If you have your own business, Instagram is an essential part of your marketing mix. If you are selling products, you can post beautiful shots that are not on your website. Here, we share with you some creative ways to promote your products or services:
  • Behind the Scenes: People love the types of "behind the scenes" images. For example, beautiful handmade soaps are wrapped around gifts or jewelry is being put together, or even delicious cakes that come straight out of the oven. People love to add some reality to what you are doing.
  • Photos of your users: This is about user-generated content on your account. You can get your customers to share photos of your products. This is a proven successful way to sell. You can even start your own hashtag, which you can promote to all your users.
  • Infographics and special offers: Instagram can be used to market your services with traditional infographics and special offers. You can even offer special offers to increase the number of your followers on your Instagram account. This will be a bonus that they will not get anywhere else.

Promoting your business through Instagram requires being extremely creative with it. You need to think outside the box and use it to your full advantage. Then sales will increase.

8: Create Sponsored Posts

As an Instagram user who has followed, you can earn extra money by creating original sponsored posts for brands.

Sponsored content on Instagram comes in the form of a photo or video that highlights a product or brand. These posts come with captions that include branded hashtags, @ mentions, or even links.

Brands want to repeatedly tap certain influencers for sponsored content. It is also possible that the brand or product you are promoting is suitable for your personal image on Instagram. The idea is to show your followers how the brand fits into their lifestyle.

TapInfluence is a great tool for Instagram creators who want opportunities for sponsored content. You need to create a profile and the nature of your content. Brands that are interested in working with you will then invite you to the programs.

Similarly, influenza is another handy tool for Instagram creators who want opportunities for sponsored content. This allows you to browse similarly available campaigns created by different brands. Plus, you can promote your favorites directly.

9: Sell Affiliate Products to Monetize Instagram

On Instagram, you can add tracked links to the bio section as well as the description of each post. These tracked links link your page to various companies' websites and their products that may be sponsored by the company.

The company then pays you a certain amount when a user visits the company's website using your link. You can even get a percentage of the profit when the customer makes a purchase.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, please check out this page on affiliate marketing.

Here, we share some important ways to improve affiliate links with you:

You should shorten the affiliate link using a "link shortening service" like Butley so that your post doesn't get too spammy.
Anyone can use product-related hashtags to attract users to your post.

You can mention a special discount code in your post so that consumers can use the code when purchasing sponsored products. This is called a referral code. This allows the company to know your page is selling its products.

10: Sell your own Merchandise

This is a useful option to make money on Instagram for those who have business acumen. You can design your own product and sell it to your Instagram audience.

You need a marketable product as well as a brand on Instagram that your followers can rally to.

Therefore, you can cater to your personal online audience.

However, make sure that you have already purchased all the required licenses to sell your product on Instagram.
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