GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review 2022

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review 2022

GoDaddy is one of the most well-known names in the internet hosting industry today. The company has made a name for itself by providing exceptional services that extend beyond simple website and blog hosting to domain registration and digital storage.

GoDaddy has been striving for years to dethrone the finest WordPress hosting providers, such as HostGator and SiteGround, in order to become the uncontested leader in the hosting sector. Even when the hosting company's capabilities improve, the issue remains: "Is GoDaddy WordPress hosting the correct option for you?"

In this GoDaddy WordPress hosting review, I go further into the company's history, performance, plugin collaborations, and other features.

GoDaddy history

GoDaddy was formed in 1997 by Bob Parsons, who originally called the firm Jomax Technologies. The name GoDaddy was chosen in 1999 as a result of a recommendation made by a group of firm workers.

By 2005, the firm had grown swiftly to 10 million clients and $100 million in yearly sales. Other major growth markers in GoDaddy's journey since its beginning includes:

GoDaddy purchased the well-known domain marketplace Afternic from NameMedia in 2013.

GoDaddy purchased Marchex Portfolios and Worldwide Media in 2015.
GoDaddy earned the Stevie® Awards for Exceptional Customer Service in 2017.
By early 2019, GoDaddy has over 17 million customers and over 75 million domain names under management.

GoDaddy's rapid commitment to WordPress support can be dated back to 2015 when the hosting company appointed Gabriel Mays to lead its WordPress operation. Mays has played an important role in assisting GoDaddy's WordPress teams, having previously worked for businesses such as the United States Marine Corps and May Financial.

GoDaddy boosted their WordPress community support by sponsoring local WordCamps throughout the world. WordCamps are global gatherings that bring WordPress enthusiasts together to celebrate WordPress, discuss new discoveries, and boost WordPress usage. GoDaddy also sponsors WordPress events organized by WordPress communities across the world.

GoDaddy also urged the creators of a 40-video WordPress beginning course to distribute them for free. This was essential in allowing WordPress and GoDaddy to grow more quickly.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting review

Is GoDaddy WordPress hosting reliable? If you're wondering if GoDaddy is a suitable alternative, know that the hosting company has created top-notch features that make it a wonderful consideration for both web design and development specialists and newcomers.

GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting features reviewed

WordPress now powers more than 30 percent of all websites. As a result, no web hosting company wants to be left behind. Managed WordPress is the most popular WordPress hosting solution among hosting companies.

What is Managed WordPress, exactly? This is a safer and more efficient platform for creating and administering WordPress hosting sites. It has greater site security, support, a quick loading speed, and a variety of additional features to make your website work smoothly.

Here are some of the most important GoDaddy features:

Website migration is completely free.

Transferring your website to a new hosting provider may be a laborious and dangerous task. When relocating the website, you run the danger of losing data or introducing undesirable faults that might jeopardize the website's functioning.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting may assist you in avoiding this issue by allowing for smooth website transfer. You don't even have to employ a professional to move your website to a new server. To export all of your files without losing data, simply follow the free website transfer method.

If you get stuck, GoDaddy customer service will be available to walk you through the process of properly migrating your site. Always make a backup of your website before beginning the migrating process.

WordPress core software upgrades are performed automatically.

It is advisable to apply the most recent updates for your WordPress website or blog in order for it to perform efficiently and safely. Failure to run the updates may put the website at risk of being attacked.

To remedy the issue, GoDaddy WordPress includes an auto-updater that assures you are always using the most recent software. You may now be certain that the website will never be out of date, even if you are gone, asleep, or otherwise occupied.

SEO plugin for WordPress

Once your website has been properly hosted, you should concentrate on getting it found by your target clients. You must develop website content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as for humans in order to get discovered, ranked on the top pages, and generate traffic and conversion.

The WordPress SEO plugin allows you to investigate the health of your website and find critical gaps that prevent it from being noticed and ranked at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). The plugin can assist you in identifying issues and generating ideas that can be utilized to improve your ranking.

What impressed me the most was the SEO plugin's ability to perform competitive analysis. This suggests that you may study your rivals' SEO methods and utilize them to improve your own. This can assist catapult your website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

The WordPress SEO plugin is an excellent companion for achieving more with your WordPress blog or site. You should try connecting it with other analytic tools, such as Google Analytics, to gain more insights.

Backups are performed on a daily basis, and restoration is as simple as a single click.

GoDaddy WordPress provides regular backups to reduce the risk of losing your website data. This implies that if your website is lost, you may restore it to the condition it was in the previous day.

In addition to the daily backups, GoDaddy makes restoration as simple as a click. It is important to note that you do not need to hire a specialist for this. To safely restore your website, simply follow GoDaddy's restoration procedure.

Dependable staging environment

GoDaddy recognizes the importance of providing you with a suitable environment for testing various plans and features. Whether you want to test the speed of a certain plan or the inclusion of a new feature, GoDaddy recommends doing several pre-tests before making a final selection.

Staging allows users to notice issues that may need to be resolved before installing a feature, such as a plugin. If you are a developer, this is also an opportunity to test new features before they are deployed.

GoDaddy hosting plans and pricing

Which is the less expensive option: GoDaddy or WordPress hosting? It's worth noting that all GoDaddy web hosting plans include WordPress hosting platforms and support. GoDaddy has four primary hosting plans: Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Pro 5+.

The Basic plan costs $2.99 per month and is considered the best option for those just starting started with web hosting. If you choose an annual subscription, you will receive one website, 10GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage, and a free domain.

The Deluxe plan costs $3.99 per month and is appropriate for a growing website with traffic exceeding 100,000 visitors. The Deluxe plan, like the Basic plan, supports one website and includes 15GB of SSD storage, a search engine visibility wizard, and a free domain if you purchase the yearly plan.

The Ultimate package is designed for medium to big enterprises and costs $6.99 per month. It provides 30 GB of SSD storage, a free name if you choose an annual plan and a free SSL certificate for the first year of hosting. The package includes support for two websites and should be considered if your company has about 400,000 monthly visits.

The most expensive plan is the Pro 5+, which costs $27.99 per month and covers up to five websites. The package includes 50-200 GB of SSD storage, automatic backup and restoration, free SSL certificates, and free site maintenance tools. The package is suited for customers that receive about 800,000 monthly visits.

The four plans listed above include a premium WordPress hosting platform, automatic WordPress core software upgrades, security updates, and a one-click migration tool. They also provide you access to thousands of free themes and plug-ins to help you expand the functionality of your website.

GoDaddy WordPress hosting is simple to use.

One of GoDaddy's key aims is to provide an intuitive dashboard that makes it simple to identify and use various hosting capabilities. The conventional hosting user interface and the WordPress hosting dashboards are both stunning, but they have significant distinctions.

In contrast to the standard cPanel found in most hosting packages today, the GoDaddy WordPress dashboard allows you to access the majority of the functionality with a single click. Backups, staging, settings, and domains may all be started from the top right corner.

You may access the WordPress admin on the left side and check for updates to your WordPress site. It is also important to note that you can monitor the performance of your WordPress website to determine whether or not it is delivering the desired results.

WordPress security from GoDaddy

As computer and web hosting technology progress, criminals seek new ways to hack into your website and take information without being detected. In order to deface or obtain access to sensitive information, attackers may inject malicious code into the targeted website.

Because attackers can deploy malware in the form of WordPress files, GoDaddy performs daily scans to detect and eliminate them. The idea is to discover the virus before it causes damage to your site or spreads to others. The following are the key strategies for keeping your website secure:

All websites and blog activity hosted on GoDaddy's platform are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Malware files are frequently detected and deleted before you are aware that they are directed at your website.
  • GoDaddy bots are meant to detect and stop bogus traffic, requests, and spam directed at your website.
  • GoDaddy offers automated updates to ensure that your website is always running the most recent version. Being on the most recent WordPress version and WordPress plugins suggests that you are safe from new risks.
  • GoDaddy also pre-scans all WordPress plugins, so you don't have to worry about malware infiltrating your website.
To keep your website safe, the servers that host it are protected with the newest resistant materials and housed in high-security data centers. Only those with a security clearance are permitted access to the data centers for maintenance and updates.

The benefits and drawbacks of GoDaddy

In this GoDaddy WordPress versus standard hosting comparison, I looked at the key benefits and drawbacks to help you choose the best solution. Here's a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks.


  • This service is quite inexpensive. If you pay yearly, you can get up to 10GB of solid-state drive (SSD) storage and an extra free domain for only $2.99.
  • GoDaddy WordPress hosting includes unlimited bandwidth. This is a significant benefit over other servers, such as WP Engine, which limits customers to 25,000 visits on the beginner plan.
  • GoDaddy has made it easier to set up hosting services without the need for a specialist. If you get stuck, GoDaddy's helpful support team will be available to assist you.
  • The GoDaddy user interface is simple to navigate. While it is true that this is not your typical cPanel, I found it to be incredibly straightforward to learn and operate.
  • GoDaddy's customer service is outstanding. For clients to choose the best solution, the organization offers a variety of assistance channels, including live chats and a knowledge base.
  • Provides a dependable website builder that makes it simple, especially for those without computer experience.


You can use the industry-standard cPanel for a charge if you use GoDaddy.

  • After supporting the SOPA and PIPA measures in 2011, GoDaddy lost a significant chunk of its market share. These measures aimed to restrict internet access, but the market believed that the internet should be free to allow for the free flow of ideas.
  • GoDaddy makes it harder for customers to quit the company. Though every firm has a client retention strategy,
  • GoDaddy's endeavor to keep you locked in is a major disadvantage. If you are dissatisfied with the firm, you should be able to leave as easily as you joined.
  • If you choose the Basic or Deluxe package, GoDaddy will not supply you with an SSL certificate.

Our final GoDaddy WordPress hosting review rating

Is GoDaddy suitable for hosting? Although most of its features look to be excellent, such as frequent scans, daily backups, and a comprehensive website builder, I would only suggest GoDaddy to persons who are new to WordPress.

If you want more premium WordPress services, try using another WordPress-approved hosting provider, such as HostGator or DreamHost. GoDaddy receives 3.5 out of 5 stars from us.
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